Our Story


On January 1st, 2016, we started Growfio because we wanted to help small businesses grow. It’s why the word “grow” is in our name. The other half, “fio,” made our business name short and unique. For those of you wondering how to properly say Growfio, it’s pronounced grow-fee-oh. On a side note, it was only a coincidence that we started the business on New Year’s Day.

In a market full of freelance web designers and do-it-yourself website builders, we decided to create this business because it solves the website-related problems that small business owners are facing. The truth is, most freelance web designers are unreliable and/or expensive. Do-it-yourself website builders are a waste of time and energy, plus they don’t help you convert leads into customers. Lastly, you deserve much better customer support.

After we identified how to help small businesses grow, we created our website design and management plans. Fast forward to today and we’re helping small business owners across America from our location in South Portland, Maine.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story. We’d love to have an impact on yours.

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