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Our reliable and experienced team of web professionals will manage your website so that you can spend more time and energy building your business.

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Save Time. Save Energy. Save Stress.

Website Security

Protecting your website is a top priority. We’ll run automatic security scans and optimize your site to be safe and secure.

Managed Web Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a fast and reliable, fully managed virtual private server. We’ll handle everything.

Daily Offsite Backups

We’ll backup your entire website and database every day to an offsite server. It’s one of those “just in case” things.

Fast Website Changes

Whenever you need something changed on your website, a web designer will quickly take care of your request.

Uptime Monitoring

We’re always making sure that your website is online. If it ever goes down, we’ll know right away and fix it ASAP.

Third-Party Integrations

Many third-party services can be integrated with your website. If you ever need something done, we’ll help you out.

Reliable & Quick Support

Providing amazing service is what we’re all about. We’re available Mon-Sat to answer questions and help you out.

WordPress Updates

To keep your website running smoothly, we’ll handle the core, theme, and plugin updates on the backend of your site.

No Contracts

Don’t worry about getting locked into a contract because we don’t have any. Each management plan is month to month.

Save time and energy by having us manage your website

Small Business Owners Love Us

“Amazing company to work with. Fast response times, gets the job done and is available to answer questions. We love them for all our website needs.”
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“I am so happy that I decided to stop trying to manage my own website and have outsourced it to Growfio. I no longer waste 10+ hours a week trying to keep my website up and running. By outsourcing to Growfio, I am now able to use this valuable time executing my business plan.”
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“Growfio helped me set up and manage my website. They are always available when I need them. I recommend them for your small business site too.”
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Why You Need Website Management

Managing a website requires a lot of time and effort, whether you’re a one-person business or a twenty-person business. No matter how small your business or website may be, website management is a necessity for saving time, energy, and your business. As a small business owner, here’s why you need it.

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Small business websites are hacked daily

Don’t let your website be the next victim. As sad as it is, over 30,000 websites are hacked every day and most small business owners are in denial with thinking that someone would ever hack their site.

Imagine waking up one day and no longer being able to view or access the backend of your website. Your site might be loaded with foreign ads or it might look nothing like your original site. All of a sudden the digital aspect of your business is in the hands of someone else. Not only will you lose customers, but cleaning a hacked website is very expensive. Small business websites are hacked every day and hackers are constantly trying to breach into your site. By letting Growfio manage your website, you can rest easy knowing that your site is safe and secure. Purchase a website management plan

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Things can stop working at any time

One of the last things that you want to be doing is spending time and energy trying to fix your website. When something on your site isn’t working like it’s supposed to, you want the issue fixed right away.

Let’s say you sell products online and your e-commerce sales are important to your business. Imagine a potential customer calling you and saying “Hey, I’m trying to order from your website and your checkout page isn’t working.” First, you need to realize that most people won’t tell you about this issue and will leave your site right away. Then you’ll realize that you need this issue fixed ASAP. Who do you turn to when you need a reliable expert that can fix your issue, whether it’s a broken checkout page, contact form, portfolio, etc.? The answer is Growfio. Our reliable and experienced team of web professionals will quickly resolve any website issue you’re experiencing. Purchase a website management plan

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Get website changes done quick and right

If you’ve ever tried to make website changes yourself, you know it can be time consuming and/or frustrating. On the other hand, it’s rare to find a freelancer who’s reliable and quick to make the website changes you need.

Websites allow for a lot of customization and functionality. Trying to make website edits yourself can really be a time waster or lead to you giving up and hiring a freelancer. Freelancers, whether local or abroad, are known to lack availability and communication. As a business owner, you need to have reliable website experts who can make the changes you need when you need them done. That’s where Growfio comes in. We’ll make your life easier and you’ll always have someone there to handle the website changes you need done. Purchase a website management plan

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Cheap web hosting is not reliable and secure

When starting out, most business owners choose a low-cost web hosting plan and forget to upgrade as their business grows. Not focusing on having a reliable and secure web hosting plan is bad for your website and business.

Basic hosting plans are known to cause issues, especially since you get what you pay for. The big hosting providers put thousands of websites on a server where resources are low and to be shared among everyone. This creates issues when your website start acting slow for no reason, or if it occasionally goes down because you’re not on a reliable hosting plan. The cheap web hosting plans are also known to be less secure than virtual private servers and dedicated servers, which can really hurt your business. When you purchase a website management plan from Growfio, secure and reliable web hosting is included. You won’t have to worry about downtime, overcrowded servers, weak security, or dealing with their overseas customer support. Purchase a website management plan

Have a hassle-free small business website

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